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3D Video Landscape Walkthrough Designs
3D Video Pool Walkthrough Designs

3D Video Landscape Walkthrough Designs
3D Video Pool Walkthrough Designs

Serving Orange County and surrounding areas

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VPS provides the following services:

  • Conceptual designs in a video walk-through format including a scaled plan
  • Converting your existing design into video walk-through presentation
  • Pool, spa and landscape consultation
  • Revise architectural plans to meet your budget considerations
  • Provide all phases of construction and soft-scape plans
  • Association drawings (H.O.A.)
  • Bid sheets of the proposed design project for accurate pricing.
  • We also have our amazing custom design department creating one of a kind architectural elements and any other accessorizing you may appreciate to set your yard apart from others. We not only design elements, but point you to the craftsmen that can produce them.
    • Beautiful unique tile designs
    • Custom wrought iron gates and fencing
    • Carpentry
    • Custom fountains
    • Custom pots
    • Custom address plates and mail boxes


Our design team will provide all phases construction, pools and soft-scape such as:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fire pits
  • Fire Walls
  • Patio structures and balconies
  • Paving
  • Water features
  • We also offer construction, soft-scape and internet consultation.


  • Irrigation systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Planting
  • Low voltage lighting

Snapshot Design/Curb Appeal

This is an introduction to our new design service called “Snapshot Designs”. This service provides quick cost-effective “curb appeal” designs for you in a postcard format. With this design, VPS can include a planting list for an additional cost with sizes and quantities and approximate installation costs.

“Snapshot Designs”. is a new service that is far more efficient, convenient and cost effective for smaller areas. And finally, instead of waiting weeks for a beautiful design, you wait only 1-3 days.

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